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Precision Laser Cutting of Sheet Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Precision Laser Cutting of Sheet Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Chose a category: Laser Cutting solutions into sheet metal Lasertek Precision Cutting Inc. is a state of the art facility using advances in laser technology to easily cut through materials such as sheet metal, aluminum and stainless steel. Advanced Lasers
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High Powered Lasers Blast through metal, steel and aluminum.
Lasertek can find a solution for any metal cutting project.
Phone: 905-953-9648
Fax: 905-953-9630
With over fifteen years experience in the laser cutting industry Lasertek produces top quality products ranging from signs and architectural inquires to prototypes and custom work.
Using two 4 x 4 Mitsubishi laser cutting systems Lasertek Precisison Cutting Inc. is able to offer the following services to it's customers:
Prototypes for engineering
Signs and custom logos
Stencil Cutting
Exhibits and trade show displays
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